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Farmhouse Ice Cream Production: A Turnkey Solution for Yorkshire Farmers

The producers

Unlocking a Sweet Opportunity

For Yorkshire farmers seeking to diversify their income streams and embrace the growing demand for locally-produced treats, the idea of establishing an Ice Cream Farm with the milk of their own cows presents an enticing opportunity. With the expertise and support of a Farmhouse Ice Cream producer, this dream can seamlessly transition from aspiration to reality. This innovative turnkey concept not only eliminates the complexities of setting up production facilities and navigating the competitive ice cream market, but also offers comprehensive guidance to ensure success.

A Turnkey Approach: Simplifying Entrepreneurship

The concept revolves around a turnkey approach, where the Farmhouse Ice Cream producer offers a comprehensive solution that encompasses every aspect of establishing an ice cream production venture. This includes not only the technicalities of manufacturing but also extends to the intricacies of marketing and distribution. Farmers need not fret over the complexities of setting up a production area or the challenges of promoting their products to a diverse range of potential customers.

Guidance from Experts: Crafting Delicious Perfection

The heart of this concept lies in the invaluable expertise provided by the Farmhouse Ice Cream producer’s team. Industry experts will visit the farms in Yorkshire, sharing their deep-rooted knowledge of ice cream production. From perfecting the art of churning to achieving the ideal flavor combinations, these experts will mentor farmers, ensuring the creation of top-quality ice cream that stands out in a competitive market.

Your milk, your future with Farmhouse Ice Cream!

Customer stories

We use only natural ingredients

We opened our farm café in 2010. The ice cream is made of milk and cream from our own cows. We only use natural ingredients and our sorbets are made with fresh fruit. We have a separate production room that complies with HACCP standards.

Ice Showcase Cleefshoeve In The Netherlands

9 restaurants within 2 weeks

Within the first two weeks after we started marketing, we already welcomed 9 restaurants as customers. Since then the number is growing fast. Meanwhile our Farmhouse Ice cream is also sold in some supermarkets. Our farm is in an isolated location and we are happy that this difficult situation is no obstacle for successful marketing.

Second Pillar Ideas Agriculture

I was instantly enthusiastic

I saw an advertisement of the Dutch company in the newspaper. During my trip to the Netherlands to collect my award for ‘young farmer of the year’, I decided to contact the company. I saw the equipment and the production and returned to Waterford (Ireland) with endless enthusiasm. Baldwin’s Farmhouse Ice Cream was born.

Ice cream is fun to make!

Local Support: Nurturing Success on Familiar Ground

One of the standout features of this concept is the provision of local support. The Farmhouse Ice Cream producer doesn’t merely offer guidance and then step back; they remain actively engaged in the farmer’s journey. This ongoing assistance cements the transformation from a simple idea to a flourishing business. With local support, farmers can navigate challenges more effectively and make informed decisions that contribute to their success.

Becoming a Successful Producer: The Ultimate Goal

Ultimately, the goal of this concept is to assist farmers in realizing their dream of becoming successful ice cream producers. By leveraging the expertise of the Farmhouse Ice Cream producer, farmers can sidestep the steep learning curve that often comes with venturing into a new industry. The turnkey concept provides a roadmap to success, empowering farmers to focus on what they do best while fostering a thriving ice cream business that benefits both their farms and the local community.

Embracing the Creamy Future

In a world where consumer preferences are increasingly inclined towards local, artisanal, and high-quality products, the Farmhouse Ice Cream production concept offers Yorkshire farmers a chance to not only bolster their income but also to be part of a movement that celebrates the art of crafting delectable treats. With turnkey solutions, expert guidance, and local support, this concept holds the promise of turning dairy farms into centers of sweet innovation and prosperity, all while treating the taste buds of delighted customers with the finest homemade ice cream.

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