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A farmers ice cream concept with a wide range of possibilities for your farm in Great Britain

Would you like to start producing your very own farmers ice cream in Great Britain to increase the profits of your farm? Farmhouse Ice Cream makes it possible without you having to worry about the setup of your production and the sale of Farmhouse Ice cream through parlours, supermarkets and restaurants. We teach farmers how to manufacture our ice cream and help you on your way to become a part of our growing network of local ice cream producers in Great Britain.

An Ice cream concept you can earn money with

infographic Farmhouse ice cream concept

An Ice cream concept with a wide range of possibilities

The Farmhouse ice cream concept

concept lends itself excellently for dealer companies who want to resell the concept in their area. Your regional knowledge and our expertise in producing ice cream is a successful combination. The concept is all-embracing; Ice Delite, the company behind the ice cream concept, supplies all equipment required for the production room. At the same time, the concept encompasses natural ingredients, a large number of recipes and even support in selling the ice cream. Our farmers ice cream concept also includes a financial plan with profitable business ideas for the producer in Great Britain. You concentrate on selling the concept and we take care of the operational and logistics side of things out of our headquarters in Hooge Mierde, the Netherlands.

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Dairy farmers and fruit growers both profit from Farmhouse ice cream concept.

With the ice cream concept you can earn more money with your products (milk and fruit). You benefit from the worldwide protected brand farmhouse ice cream that is sold in ice cream parlours, restaurants and supermarkets. You will get intensive coaching on starting your ice cream company. After that, you will produce ice cream on your own, but we will support you in your sales efforts. This results in more money for your business.

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In certain areas we collaborate with agencies. Do you want to know whether there are possibilities in your area for selling the concept as an agent? Feel free to contact us without obligation.

A farmers ice cream concept with a wide range of possibilities for your farm in Great Britain

Our ice cream concept makes it possible for dairy farmers and fruit growers in Great Britain to get more income out of their business. We have developed this concept thoroughly and know the market very well. That is why you will get excellent support. Lots of farmers that are already using the concept are proof of the success. In addition to market knowledge, you also need to have a very good knowledge of the production process. Our experts will train farmers fully on how to produce our high-quality ice cream in Great Britain. Experience has shown, that every farmer can be a successful producer of Farmhouse Ice Cream.

A small selection of a large group of successful farm ice cream producers


The choice for Farmhouse ice cream has been a good move


Good decision

Great job that gets paid very well


Delicious from Oberösterreich

A good and profitable investment


Culinary Excellence in Oberösterreich

Future secured for the next generation


We are happy ice cream manufacturers

Not only in summer a profitable business


Always delicious

Many varieties, you can always offer the customer something new


For the gourmets

When ice cream turns into money


Next level Ice cream pleasure

Always new great recipes – good for sales


Nice result

Von Beginn an ein großer Erfolg!

  The Netherlands

Farmhouse ice cream in our cafe

The visitors love it


Good from the farm

Handmade ice cream at a fair price


Just below the Arctic Circle

Very profitable for more than 10 years


Iceland, land of ice cream

What is better than natural ice cream in this nature-rich environment?


Made with love

In just two years to the top sales


In the Azores

Top ice cream from the weather kitchen of Europe


So close to the Atlantic

Beautiful nature, delicious ice cream, good merit

  Isles of Scilly (United Kingdom)

2 hours away from Santa Claus

A fairytale success


Not far from the Bay of Biscay

The number of customers and sales in the first year is far above our expectations


The pride of Transylvania

With passion for ice cream # 1 in Romania


Also popular in Poland

Quality pays off


Add reference

Local ingredients are at the heart of Farmhouse ice cream!

The ice cream concept is one-of-a-kind product

The concept was created in the early 1990s. Over the years, it has become a unique overall concept in 18 European countries. One of our goals is to make the mainly natural quality ice cream known in every part of Europe. Connoisseurs confirm the ice cream is of a superb quality - a sensational taste for every enthusiast.

What makes this ice cream concept so special?

Recipes are developed by highly experienced specialists

Connoisseurs, who try the ice cream for the first time are convinced immediately. Numerous recipes are influenced by European top restaurants.

Well-founded business plan

A detailed business plan, which we will prepare together with you, will give you an excellent basis to start with the concept. At the same time, it makes funding easier.

No yearly license fees

You do not have to pay license fees fort he ice cream concept. However, you may produce under the Farmhouse Ice Cream brand and use the logo your entire life.

Unlimited support

We offer unlimited support. That includes, among others thing, the development of new flavours, sales assistance and support with regard to hygiene and health.

Locally made and mainly 100% natural

The present-day consumer wants to know everything about the ingredients, the origin of the product and the inspiring stories behind it.

Nice ice cream cone. It can be produced by means of the Farmhouse Ice cream concept.
Honeycomb dessert, which is produced by means of the Farmhouse Ice cream concept.
Petit fours, luxury pastries produced using the ice cream concept Farmhouse ice cream
Farmhouse Ice Cream flavours
European countries

Where is Farmhouse ice cream sold?

The sales possibilities of Farmhouse ice cream are more numerous than you expect. We are continuously at your side to make a success of every point of sale.
Blue icon of Farmhouse terrace.

Farm cafée

The most obvious way to let ice cream lovers taste Farmhouse ice cream, is on your own farm – in the cafée or in the shop. Do not miss out!

Blue icon for events.


Events, such as (annual) fairs with traditional and regional products for sale, take place on a regular basis. Farmhouse ice cream fits in perfectly.

Blue icon of restaurants.


Restaurants offer more and more farm products on their menus. This is a very good way to introduce gourmets to Farmhouse ice cream as a desert.

Blue icon of supermarket.

Super markets

Do not forget the local super markets as a means to sell your ice cream. Farmhouse Ice cream is often a welcome extension of the existing assortment.

Blue icon of ice cream parlor.

Ice cream parlours

Ice cream parlours are, just like you, focused on selling ice cream. Quality is very important. These two aspects are perfectly in line with Farmhouse ice cream. Seize the opportunity!

Blue icon of Petrol station

Gas stations

Gas stations are excellent points of sale for Farmhouse ice cream. They usually have long opening hours and potential buyers of your great product are stopping by on regular basis.

Blue icon for amusement park.

Amusement parks

Parents with kids are an interesting target group for Farmhouse Ice cream, as well as for amusement parks. A day in the amusement park is not complete without ice cream!

Blue icon of swimming pools.

Swimming pools

You probably also have one or more public swimming pools in your area. Swimming pools are synonymous with recreation and relaxing. A good place to sell ice cream cones or sundaes.

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