The joy of your own Farmhouse icecream production.

As a dairy farmer, every farm has the choice of what to do with their milk. The vast majority of dairy farmers sell their milk to large dairy manufacturers. Nothing wrong with that, but did you know that there are more possibilities with your own produced milk? In this blog, you’ll read all about a family in Germany who discovered a few years ago that they can do more with their own milk. What this is and how they realized it, you’ll find out here.

Introduction to the Farmhouse icecream concept

It all started during the Green Week in 2011. Father, son, and mother visited another dairy farmer who had already started producing their own Farmhouse icecream. Thanks to this visit and good discussions, the family also decided to invest in the Farmhouse icecream concept.

To become a Farmhouse icecream producer, certain precautions had to be taken. There’s quite a bit involved in producing Farmhouse icecream. Of course, the family already had the most important ingredient: milk, but this isn’t the only thing needed for production. They had to build a production space, purchase equipment, and buy the right kitchen utensils.


How to start producing Farmhouse icecream?

As the family also points out: Farmhouse icecream isn’t made with a small kitchen machine, as many people think.

To produce Farmhouse icecream, a certain investment in machinery and a production space is really necessary. To support the family and help them start their production, one of our experts traveled to the farm to provide training.

After our employee familiarized the family with the production process, they started producing. Currently, the Farmhouse icecream production is supported by four employees, and they are looking for a fifth because demand keeps growing. Farmhouse icecream is also a natural product and is much tastier than supermarket ice cream.


The family’s various flavors and sales points

Since the start of production, the family has produced 33 different ice cream flavors. With flavors like yogurt-orange, strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate, to name a few. Not every flavor is always in stock, which keeps the assortment varied. Moreover, the family also produces various flavors specifically for people with allergies.
In addition to the various ice cream flavors, the family also produces ice cream cakes on order. The family sells their Farmhouse icecream through various channels including supermarkets, festivals, exhibitions, and their own ice cream parlor. Farmhouse icecream is a bit more expensive than supermarket ice cream, but consumers get a natural and full flavor for it. They also notice that customers are definitely willing to pay a bit more for the quality of their Farmhouse icecream. Above all these benefits, the family especially enjoys producing Farmhouse icecream and are happy with the switch.


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