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Interesting possibilities for dealer companies

Dealer companies

Unique Dutch ice cream concept for dealerships in Great Britain

You can be a reseller or dealership for Farmhouse Ice Cream in Great Britain

Our ice cream concept is an excellent selling opportunity for your dealership in Great Britain with Ice Delite as a partner. You can count on us to have the expertise and resellers required to turn the ice cream from your farm into a profitable endeavour for your dealership. We provide resellers with the opportunity to sell Farmhouse Ice Cream worldwide. Utilise the possibilities you have in your area and be a reseller of the successful Farmhouse Ice Cream formula.

How can we provide you with the knowledge you need for your ice cream dealership?

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The Netherlands, where Ice Delite is located, is leading in farming with regard to knowledge, food safety and innovation. Therefore, the Farmhouse Ice cream concept fits in perfectly. Therefore, you can count on us to pass on our knowledge about making delicious ice cream to our dealerships and resellers. When preparing the production room, you will get continued support so that the room is in compliance with the law for food production.

Because of the rising demand for regional products and the possibility for farmers to produce mainly natural ice cream on their own farms, the Farmhouse ice cream brand and its partnered resellers have grown enormously. Our brand stands for high-quality ice cream. Farmhouse Ice cream is highly valued by ice cream lovers and dealerships alike. Restaurants like regionally produced ice cream on their menus and supermarkets also like to have Farmhouse Ice cream in their assortment.

Why would you want to one of our farm ice cream resellers?

By selling our ice cream concept, your dealership can easily earn extra profit. It is simple to add the concept to your portfolio. You only have to do what you do best: selling a concept. After the sale, Ice Delite is the customer’s contact. We are working according to the turnkey principle. After delivery of the concept, the buyer can produce ice cream on their own. First, our experts support the buyer in preparing a well-founded business plan. Then, the production room will be equipped in accordance with legal demands and of course, we also provide production trainings.

There is no need for your dealership to have technical know-how regarding the production of ice cream. After the sale, we will completely unburden you. You can also count on us to provide marketing support for your dairy diversification.

We will also take care of the complete aftersales procedure. We supply the mainly natural ingredients, support the buyer with commercial training sessions, and we provide technical service.
You can sell the concept to farmers who want to expand their farm with the production of ice cream.

Ice varieties Farmhouse ice cream

Contact us and become one of our resellers

We love to explain the Farmhouse Ice cream concept in a personal conversation. You do not need agricultural experience to sell our ice cream concept with your dealership. We will meet with you to explain all you need to know about Farmhouse Ice cream. All of this is free of charge! If you are interested in becoming a dealership for our ice cream concept to farmers, please let us know via our contact form.

You do not need agricultural experience to sell our ice cream concept. We will meet with you to explain everything you need to know about Farmhouse Ice Cream. All free of charge!

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