From milk to ice cream: how to start your own farm ice cream production?

Become an ice cream producer with our farmhouse icecream concept!

As a dairy farmer, your milk is a valuable resource. But have you ever thought about the possibility of turning this milk into delicious farm ice cream instead of just selling is as a unprocessed product ? We at, we’re dedicated to helping you turn this dream into reality. We provide comprehensive support, guiding you through every step from ice cream production on the farm to effective marketing strategies. Discover how to transition from being solely a dairy farmer to a successful farm ice cream entrepreneur and increase your profits.



Step 1: Free on-site support – From A to Z

One of the most exciting aspects of working with Ice Delite is the free on-site support. Our team of experts will come to your farm to personally guide you through every stage of the process. Whether you are new to the world of ice cream production or already experienced, we are by your side to make sure you are successful. From pasteurising milk to creating delicious ice cream recipes, we offer guidance every step of the way to make your farm ice cream top quality.




Step 2: Free guidance, advice and training

In the fast-changing world of food production, continuous education is essential. At Ice Delite, we understand this and offer not only initial training, but also free refresher courses. Our trainings cover not only farmhouse ice cream production, but also marketing strategies to help you successfully market your farmhouse ice cream. You will always stay up-to-date with the latest trends and techniques to grow your farm ice cream business.

Step 3: Increase your milk price and build your brand

One of the key benefits of farm ice cream production is the potential for additional income. By converting your milk into high-quality farm ice cream, you can offer a new product valued by consumers. This can lead to a higher milk price and a stronger financial foundation for your family and future generations. Ice Delite will also help you build your brand and find marketing channels so that your farm ice cream can conquer the market.

Step 4: Reliable technology and lots of experience

Ice Delite uses reliable technology and is backed by professionals with years of experience in the farm ice industry. You can rely on the tools and expertise we offer to keep your farm ice production running smoothly.

Step 5: Direct contact with a specialist on the phone

If you have any questions or need advice, we as experienced farm icecream producers are always at your service. You can contact one of our specialists directly to get answers to all your questions. We are here to support you, whether it’s technical issues, marketing strategies or general guidance.

Are you ready to take the next step towards successful farm ice cream production? Contact farmhouseicecream today and find out how your milk can be turned into a profitable business. Your future as a farm ice cream entrepreneur starts here.

A successful ice cream concept with professional support, from beginning to end.

Help setting up business plan Help setting up business plan
Support funding Support funding
Drawings for the production area Drawings for the production area
We assist with all necessary permits We assist with all necessary permits
Support with furnishing Support with furnishing
Operational training + guidance Operational training + guidance
Commercial training + coaching Commercial training + coaching
Farmhouse ice cream delivers you the very finest recipes Farmhouse ice cream delivers you the very finest recipes
lifelong technical service and support lifelong technical service and support
950+ available recipes 950+ available recipes
Experience with specialised professionals Experience with specialised professionals
25+ years of successful operations in Europe 25+ years of successful operations in Europe

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