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Do you want to start producing ice cream?

Becoming a producer

Producing ice cream makes your business more profitable

By using the Farmhouse Ice Cream concept, you are getting a much higher price for your milk and/or fruit. Besides: producing ice cream on your own farm is an appealing craft.

The future of many farms looks much brighter with the Farmhouse Ice Cream concept as a sideline of the farm. Curious to find out what we can do for you?

The production room including all necessary equipment to produce ice cream
The production room including all necessary equipment to produce ice cream

The production room including all necessary equipment to produce ice cream

Local ingredients of Farmhouse Ice cream

Local ingredients are the basis of Farmhouse Ice cream

Filling a Farmhouse Ice cream cup

Will you sell Farmhouse Ice cream soon?

Pre-packed Farmhouse Ice cream in different forms

Pre-packed Farmhouse Ice cream, perfectly suitable for selling in your local supermarket

A selection of Farmhouse Ice cream

A selection of Farmhouse Ice cream

Farmhouse Ice Cream, a ready-to-use concept for small and large farms

Based on locally harvested ingredients

You produce farmhouse ice cream with your own milk and other farm products like fresh fruit.
You have to invest once, but then you only have advantages. You are getting the right to exclusively use our protected brand in your area. You keep the freedom of your own independent business and the production of ice cream is not hard to do. In addition, extensive support i.e. recipe development, legal questions and marketing is included in the concept, so the success is guaranteed.

Ice cream production is not hard to do physically and you keep the complete freedom of deciding what to produce.

Happy farmer's family poses with an ice cream in the pasture

With many points of sale, such as super markets, restaurants, events and cafés you can get much more profit from your milk. You can start using the concept today. The concept works very well in many European countries. Moreover, we offer regional exclusivity, so no other Farmhouse Ice Cream producer can offer farmhouse ice cream in your area.

How can I become an ice cream producer?

Curious whether your area is still available for the Farmhouse Ice Cream concept? Please contact us or let us contact you. Please use the button below.

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