Many dairy farmers have gone before you

Dairy farmers and fruit growers achieve success

A significant proportion of our valued customers include both dairy farmers and fruit growers. Whether you have a small or large farm, at Farm Ice Cream we offer globally recognised brands, extensive support and unique recipes that can ensure your success.

Dairy farmers have tapped into new markets by producing delicious ice cream using the milk from their own cows and our high-quality raw materials, based on IceDelite’s tried-and-tested recipes. They often add local fruit to add an extra dimension to their flavours.

Similarly, fruit farmers can combine their fruit with cream and milk from local dairy farmers, together with our high-quality raw materials. With more than 700 flavours available, there is something for everyone, and we are ready to develop customised flavours based on your local ingredients.

Many entrepreneurs have gone before you!

The size of your farm or the number of cows you own does not matter. The Farm Ice Cream concept is accessible to both small and large farmers. Many farmers across Europe have already achieved financial success by producing delicious, mainly natural farm ice creams and sorbets with milk and fruit from their own farm or from the surrounding area. It is important to note that this is often supported by government agencies.

Are you the next successful farm ice cream producer? We are ready to support you on your journey to producing delicious farm ice cream!


"Self-selling ice cream"
''Top-notch ice cream and a really top result''
''We have been very satisfied for more than 10 years''
''Handmade ice cream for a fair''
"When ice cream turns into money"
"Future assured for the next generation"
"A good and profitable investment"
"Great work that is very well paid"
"Amazing product made from our own milk"

What our customers say about Farmhouse Ice Cream

We use mainly natural ingredients

In 2010, our farm expanded to include an ice cream parlour. The Farmhouse ice cream is made from milk and cream from our own cows. Mainly natural ingredients are used, and fresh fruit is used for the sorbet ice cream. A room has been set up for this purpose and the ice cream is prepared according to HACCP standards.

Jeanne van Cleef


I was immediately excited

I saw an advertisement of the Dutch company Farm Ice Cream in the newspaper. While on my way to the Netherlands to receive the ‘young farmer of the year’ award, I decided to contact the company. I saw the equipment and production, and returned to Waterford, Ireland, full of enthusiasm. Thus was born Baldwin’s Farmhouse Ice Cream.

Thomas Baldwin

Baldwin’s Farmhouse Ice Cream

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