Private label ice cream manufacturers

Do you want to become part of our network of private label ice cream manufacturers? That way, you make more profits from the milk or fruit you produce on your farm. Farmhouse Ice Cream allows you to manufacture high-quality ice cream that is distributed through various resellers, such as supermarkets and restaurants. We will teach you everything you need to know and help you on your way to become one of the best manufacturers.

How do you become one of our private label ice cream manufacturers?

Becoming a part of our network of private label ice cream manufacturers and ice cream resellers is an easy and smooth process. Count on us to guide you every step of the way. First, you are taught a variety of ice cream recipes, safety regulations and how to produce our ice cream. After that, we will help you set up a space on your farm where you can manufacture the ice cream in accordance to food safety standards. You will be provided with all the equipment to do this and our experts help you set up a business plan. This makes joining our network of ice cream manufacturers one of the most efficient options for large and small businesses.

Join our network of manufacturers

Contact us about the possibilities or request a demo by filling out our contact form. Discover how you can become part of our extensive network across Europe as well.


See what our customers say about our concept

''Top-notch ice cream and a really top result''
''We have been very satisfied for more than 10 years''
''Handmade ice cream for a fair''
"When ice cream turns into money"
"Future assured for the next generation"
"A good and profitable investment"
"Great work that is very well paid"
"Amazing product made from our own milk"

A concept with many production possibilities

Small ice cream tarts
Pasteurized milk
Scoop ice cream
Ice cream sundae

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