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Farmhouse Ice Cream Producer: Turning Dreams into Reality in Warrington

The producers

In the picturesque landscape of Warrington, an enticing opportunity awaits farmers looking to diversify their income streams. Imagine the sweet aroma of freshly churned ice cream wafting through the air, drawing locals and tourists alike to indulge in a delightful frozen treat. The concept of establishing a Farmhouse Ice Cream venture is more than just a dream – it’s a turnkey reality waiting to be explored.

The All-Inclusive Turnkey Solution

The prospect of venturing into the ice cream production business might seem daunting, from setting up the production area to navigating the complex world of marketing and distribution. However, worry not, for the Farmhouse Ice Cream producer brings you a comprehensive turnkey solution. This means that as a farm owner, you won’t need to fret about the intricate details of production or distribution. The turnkey concept ensures that you receive a complete package, guiding you through every step of the journey.

From Pasture to Palate: Harnessing the Power of Your Cows

One of the most captivating aspects of this venture is the utilization of your own cows’ milk as a primary ingredient. Your farm’s cows can become more than just milk suppliers – they can be the source of the creamy, wholesome base for your delectable ice cream creations. This unique farm-to-table approach not only guarantees the freshness and quality of your ice cream but also adds a compelling story that resonates with conscious consumers seeking locally sourced, sustainable products.

Guidance from Industry Experts

Embarking on a new venture can be intimidating, especially in a specialized field like ice cream production. However, with the Farmhouse Ice Cream producer, you won’t be left to navigate this journey alone. Our team of seasoned experts will visit your farm in Warrington, bringing with them a wealth of knowledge and experience. They will impart their expertise, training you in the art and science of ice cream manufacturing. From perfecting the creamy texture to experimenting with flavors, you’ll have guidance every step of the way.

Your milk, your future with Farmhouse Ice Cream!

Customer stories

We use only natural ingredients

We opened our farm café in 2010. The ice cream is made of milk and cream from our own cows. We only use natural ingredients and our sorbets are made with fresh fruit. We have a separate production room that complies with HACCP standards.

Ice Showcase Cleefshoeve In The Netherlands

9 restaurants within 2 weeks

Within the first two weeks after we started marketing, we already welcomed 9 restaurants as customers. Since then the number is growing fast. Meanwhile our Farmhouse Ice cream is also sold in some supermarkets. Our farm is in an isolated location and we are happy that this difficult situation is no obstacle for successful marketing.

Second Pillar Ideas Agriculture

I was instantly enthusiastic

I saw an advertisement of the Dutch company in the newspaper. During my trip to the Netherlands to collect my award for ‘young farmer of the year’, I decided to contact the company. I saw the equipment and the production and returned to Waterford (Ireland) with endless enthusiasm. Baldwin’s Farmhouse Ice Cream was born.

Ice cream is fun to make!

Local Support, Global Dreams

Success in the ice cream industry involves more than just producing a great product – it’s about establishing a presence and securing market channels. With the Farmhouse Ice Cream producer, you’re not only gaining production knowledge but also benefiting from local support. This support extends to helping you forge connections with supermarkets, restaurants, and shops. By leveraging our network, you can place your delectable creations in front of a wide audience, turning your farm into a recognized ice cream brand.

Churning Success Together

In conclusion, the concept of transforming your farm in Warrington into a Farmhouse Ice Cream haven is an opportunity that promises both sweetness and prosperity. The turnkey solution, combined with the unique use of your cows’ milk and the guidance of industry experts, ensures a seamless transition into the world of ice cream production. With local support and global market access, you’re well-equipped to not only craft exceptional ice cream but also to build a thriving and enduring business. So, why wait? Embrace the potential, take the scoop, and churn your farm into a resounding success with Farmhouse Ice Cream.

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