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Many dairy farmers have already done it

The producers

Dairy farmers and fruit growers discover Farmhouse Ice Cream

Dairy farmers supplying itself the main raw material for Farmhouse ice creamThe majority of our customers are dairy farmers and fruit growers. Small as well as large farms can benefit from the worldwide protected brand Farmhouse Ice Cream, the broad support and unique recipes.

Dairy farmers can enter new markets with homemade ice cream containing the milk from their cows and our ingredients, based on the recipes of Ice Delite, maybe even with the addition of their own or local fruit.

Fruit growers can do the same: Combining their fruit and our ingredients with milk and cream from local dairy farmers. A huge variety of flavours (800+) is available. If needed, we can provide you with tailor-made flavours based on your local ingredients.

The size of the farm or the number of cows you own is not important. Small farms are also using the Farmhouse Ice Cream concept. Many farmers in Europe have already achieved financial success with delicious and natural farmhouse ice creams and sorbets made of milk and fruit from their own and/or regional farms. Often you can even get subsidies from the government.

Are you the next Farmhouse Ice Cream producer?

Your milk, your future with Farmhouse Ice Cream!

What our customers say about Farmhouse Ice Cream

We only use natural ingredients

In 2010 we opened our farm café. Farmhouse Ice cream is made of milk and cream from our own cows. We only use natural ingredients and our sorbets are made with fresh fruit. We have a separate production room that complies with HACCP standard.

Ice Showcase Cleefshoeve In The Netherlands

9 restaurants within 2 weeks

Within the first two weeks after we started marketing, we already welcomed 9 restaurants as customers. Since then the number is growing fast. Meanwhile our Farmhouse Ice cream is also sold in some super markets. Our farm is in an isolated location and we are happy that this difficult situation is no obstacle for successful marketing.

Ice Cream Producer Family Habicher Posing With A Cow

I was instantly enthusiastic

I saw an advertisement of the Dutch company in the newspaper. During my trip to the Netherlands to collect my award for ‘young farmer of the year’, I decided to contact that company. I saw the equipment and the production and returned to Waterford (Ireland) with endless enthusiasm. Baldwin’s Farmhouse Ice cream was born.

Ice cream is fun to make!

Resellers are discovering this unique concept

The Farmhouse Ice Cream concept is an interesting extension of resellers’ product portfolio. In particular in markets where Farmhouse Ice Cream is not represented yet. In general, resellers have a very good understanding of the market. The combination of this information with our unique ice cream concept has proved to be very successful.

Farmhouse Ice Cream is extremely saleable. It is a total concept consisting of recipes, ingredients, supplements, packaging material etc. All these components are supplied by Ice Delite.

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