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The Farmhouse Ice Cream Producer Concept for Your Chester Farm

The producers

Discover the Perfect Income Boost for Your Chester Farm

Are you a Chester farm owner with dreams of diversifying your income streams and adding a touch of deliciousness to your agricultural venture? Look no further! Introducing the Farmhouse Ice Cream Producer concept – a comprehensive solution tailored to transform your aspirations into a creamy, flavorful reality. With this turnkey concept, you can effortlessly tap into the thriving ice cream market without the worries of production setup, marketing, and distribution.

The All-Inclusive Turnkey Solution

Picture this: you’ve been nurturing your cows and producing quality milk for years. Why not take it a step further and craft delectable ice cream from your very own farm-produced milk? The Farmhouse Ice Cream Producer concept offers an all-inclusive solution. You won’t have to fret about the complexities of setting up a production area or the intricacies of marketing your products. We bring you a holistic package that covers every step of the process, ensuring you have everything you need to start your ice cream production journey.

Guidance from Ice Cream Manufacturing Experts

We understand that venturing into the world of ice cream production might seem daunting. That’s why our team of seasoned ice cream manufacturing experts will be right by your side. Our experts will visit your Chester farm, providing hands-on training and guidance on the art of creating tantalizing ice cream. From understanding the nuances of flavor mixing to perfecting the creamy texture, our experts will equip you with the skills needed to create ice cream that stands out in the market.

Your milk, your future with Farmhouse Ice Cream!

Customer stories

We use only natural ingredients

We opened our farm café in 2010. The ice cream is made of milk and cream from our own cows. We only use natural ingredients and our sorbets are made with fresh fruit. We have a separate production room that complies with HACCP standards.

Ice Showcase Cleefshoeve In The Netherlands

9 restaurants within 2 weeks

Within the first two weeks after we started marketing, we already welcomed 9 restaurants as customers. Since then the number is growing fast. Meanwhile our Farmhouse Ice cream is also sold in some supermarkets. Our farm is in an isolated location and we are happy that this difficult situation is no obstacle for successful marketing.

Second Pillar Ideas Agriculture

I was instantly enthusiastic

I saw an advertisement of the Dutch company in the newspaper. During my trip to the Netherlands to collect my award for ‘young farmer of the year’, I decided to contact the company. I saw the equipment and the production and returned to Waterford (Ireland) with endless enthusiasm. Baldwin’s Farmhouse Ice Cream was born.

Ice cream is fun to make!

Local Support Tailored to Your Success

Your success is our priority, and we’re committed to offering unparalleled local support. As you embark on this exciting journey, we’ll be there every step of the way, ensuring your ice cream production is not just a venture, but a triumph. From troubleshooting any hiccups to fine-tuning your production process, our local support will be your safety net, making sure you’re never alone on this path to becoming a successful ice cream producer.

Seamless Integration with Your Farm

Worried about how ice cream production might impact your farm’s existing operations? Rest assured, the Farmhouse Ice Cream Producer concept is designed to seamlessly integrate with your farm’s ecosystem. We understand the importance of maintaining the harmony of your agricultural activities, and our solution is crafted to enhance your farm’s offerings while preserving its essence.

A Luscious Future Awaits

Imagine delighting your customers with a range of locally-produced, mouthwatering ice cream flavors that showcase the essence of your Chester farm. With the Farmhouse Ice Cream Producer concept, this dream is well within reach. Embrace this opportunity to not only boost your farm’s income but also to create a delightful destination where people can savor the goodness of your farm’s milk in a new and exciting form.

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