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Farmhouse Ice Cream: Europe's largest chain of ice cream producers

The concept

Farmhouse Ice Cream: Europe's largest chain of ice cream producers


Farmhouse Ice Cream is a concept developed by the experienced Ice Delite experts for companies in Europe. It offers you a unique opportunity to sell Farmhouse Ice Cream in your area. The concept can be used by dairy farmers as well as fruit growers who want to expand their business with delicious ice cream and sorbet products. This business idea allows you to make more profits out of your milk, which makes it one of the most innovative ice cream concepts available.

Within our concept you are provided with a wide range of resources to start your own Farmhouse Ice Cream business. You will benefit from this dairy farm concept, because it is one of the best and most innovative ice cream concepts. If your area is still available, you can be part of Europe’s largest network of local ice cream producers.

Farmhouse Ice Cream is a concept sold in a variety of shapes and sizes

Farmhouse ice cream offers various successful products and you can be a part of the production by using your milk and our business idea. Our products are supplied to supermarkets, restaurants and many other resellers. The concept has appropriate packaging available for every market, which ranges from small to largescale consumers. As a result you can serve all customers in your area with tailor-made options from one of the best and most innovative ice cream concepts.


You can find Sundaes made from Farmhouse Ice Cream on the menu of many first-class European restaurants.

Ice-cream cones

You can get Farmhouse Ice Cream cones at the farmhouse terrace, but also at events and festivals.

Pre-packed ice cream

Pre-packed ice cream is available in different sizes like 100ml and 500ml in various supermarkets.

Ice cream cakes and petit fours

You can buy delicious ice cream cakes or petit fours at ice cream parlours, fine food shops and supermarkets

Farmhouse Ice Cream is a turnkey project

Ice Delite allows many farmers to produce Farmhouse Ice Cream. The concept has been around for about 20 years and includes much more than equipping the production room and shop. Over the years, the concept has become a turnkey project. Nowadays, we also share our years of experience in making ice cream – and not just our product-specific knowledge, but also legal aspects and commercial expertise. Every customer receives more than 800 recipes. Moreover, we are still developing new flavours in collaboration with some of the top restaurants in Europe. Showcases, ice cream carts, packaging materials and much more are also part of the concept. Beside we support our customers in marketing matters with trainings and in getting the money required. To achieve this, our professionals help to prepare a good business plan to turn our idea into more profits of your milk.

Advantages of the Farmhouse Ice Cream concept

Our ice cream concept in Great Britain (and the rest of Europe) is one of the best and most innovative concepts out there, which comes with a number of advantages:

• More profit for your business
• A clear and realistic picture of expected turnover
• Broad support by experienced ice producers on your farm
• A partnership with a well-known and valued brand throughout Europe
• Diversification by variety of products
• Freedom of an independent business
• Exclusive selling area

Farmhouse Ice Cream keeps you independent

Farmhouse Ice Cream offers your dairy farm the possibility to be successful with a concept that has proven its success in different countries. The concept gives you the freedom of an independent entrepreneur with the best support and experience of a big international brand and direct connections to the shop that sells your products.

Organic farmers can benefit from Farmhouse Ice Cream as well

For organic farmers we have a certified organic assortment in addition to the extensive conventional one. So, if you are producing organic milk, you can also use our business idea to increase your profits and diversify your income stream. We have been certified organic since 1999.

European Biological Quality Mark

Market coverage in Europe

Coverage of Farmhouse Ice cream in Europe

Farmhouse Ice Cream is successful in many European countries and is still growing. The coloured areas are the countries where local farmers already produce our ice cream. However, more regions are still available. Every dairy farm receives his or her own exclusive area in which to sell this delicious ice cream concept through a self-owned shop or a reseller.

Curious whether your area is still available?

Would you like your dairy farm to be a part of one of the best and most innovative ice cream concepts available? Contact our sales department now by calling +31 (0)13 820 0726 or fill out our contact form. Our headquarters are located in Hooge Mierde in the Netherlands, but you find us in whole of Europe. Outside of Europe we supply more and more through resellers who are familiar with the area. New producers outside Europe are also most welcome to join our team!

The concept offers you even more options for production.

Besides ice cream, you can produce a lot more with the Farmhouse Ice Cream concept. Below you will find an overview with the options.

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