The concept of farmhouse ice cream

Farmhouse ice cream with instant results and extra guidance

Welcome to Ice Delite, the pioneer in farm ice cream production! We understand that dairy farmers and farmers with cows are looking for new ways to grow their business. That is why we have developed a unique concept that allows you to turn your own milk into delicious farm ice cream

Imagine fresh grassland stretching as far as the eye can see, cows grazing contentedly and producing the creamiest milk daily. With our ice cream concept, you can transform this milk into an artisanal ice cream product that will enchant your customers’ taste buds.

The success of our concept is underlined by the many dairy farmers who already cooperate with us. They supply farmhouse ice cream to renowned restaurants and supermarkets, where it is appreciated as a valuable and artisanal product. With our proven track record, we can help you make your farmhouse ice cream a sought-after delicacy too.

Why choose the Ice Delite concept?

At Farm Ice Delite, we understand the challenges and opportunities dairy farmers like you face every day. That is why we are proud to give you a wide range of reasons why others already chose our concept:

  • More profit for your business;
  • Clear and realistic picture of expected turnover;
  • Broad support from experienced ice cream makers on your farm;
  • Well-known and appreciated brand across Europe;
  • Risk spreading through product diversification;
  • Freedom of an independent business;
  • Regional exclusivity

A successful ice cream concept with professional support from A to Z

Help setting up business plan Help setting up business plan
Support funding Support funding
Drawings for the production area Drawings for the production area
We assist with all necessary permits We assist with all necessary permits
Support with furnishing Support with furnishing
Operational training + guidance Operational training + guidance
Commercial training + coaching Commercial training + coaching
Farmhouse ice cream delivers you the very finest recipes Farmhouse ice cream delivers you the very finest recipes
lifelong technical service and support lifelong technical service and support
950+ available recipes 950+ available recipes
Experience with specialised professionals Experience with specialised professionals
25+ years of successful operations in Europe 25+ years of successful operations in Europe

What do I need for the Ice Delite concept?

We help with the right knowledge, equipment, recipes and support. With this, you can start your farm ice production. What you need to start is:

  • Milk from your own production
  • Recipes and formulas (we supply)
  • Ice cream making equipment (we supply)
  • Packaging material (we supply)
  • Support and advice (we supply)

A concept with many production possibilities

Small ice cream tarts
Pasteurized milk
Scoop ice cream
Ice cream sundae

These manufacturers preceded you

''Top-notch ice cream and a really top result''
''We have been very satisfied for more than 10 years''
''Handmade ice cream for a fair''
"When ice cream turns into money"
"Future assured for the next generation"
"A good and profitable investment"
"Great work that is very well paid"
"Amazing product made from our own milk"

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Benefit from a higher milk price
By starting to produce Farmhouse ice cream, the yield of you milk is up to 14x higher