Birchfield Ice Cream Farm

Welcome to Farmhouse Ice Cream, your ultimate destination for delectable and artisanal ice cream flavors. We are an Ice Cream Farm dedicated to providing unique and innovative ice cream concepts that not only satisfy your taste buds but also support dairy farmers and fruit growers in maximizing their income through dairy diversification.

Our Commitment to Dairy Farmers and Fruit Growers

At Farmhouse Ice Cream, we understand the challenges faced by dairy farmers and fruit growers in today’s competitive market. That’s why we have crafted a range of ice cream products and concepts that allow them to leverage their existing resources and add value to their businesses.

Ice Cream Farm: A Dairy Diversification Opportunity

Elevating Dairy Products

As an Ice Cream Farm, we aim to create a sustainable model where dairy farmers can diversify their offerings and increase their revenue streams. By transforming fresh milk into delectable ice cream, farmers can unlock new possibilities for their dairy products. At Farmhouse Ice Cream, we work closely with local dairy farms, sourcing the finest milk to craft our artisanal treats.

Fruit Growers Partnership

In addition to supporting dairy farmers, Farmhouse Ice Cream also collaborates with fruit growers to create enticing flavors that incorporate their bountiful harvests. By partnering with local fruit growers, we ensure that our ice cream is bursting with the freshest and most flavorful fruits, providing a delightful experience for our customers while giving fruit growers an additional avenue to showcase their produce.